Blender Donuts and Unity

Following @andrewpprice tutorial is a good way to jump straight into the world of 3D-modeling.
Using Unity for playing with bouncing donuts. Simple materials seems to be imported, however the more advanced mappings (e.g. bumpmaps, nodes) does not follow through. These needs to be reapplied in Unity which means quite a bit of work.

It’s this time a year again when we play catch-up with hands on skills and just playing around. This time by following the very good tutorial on Blender by #blenderguru. It’s a lot of fun especially working out and perfecting the texture and looks of the bread part.

Back to Unity

This summer I made the decision to halt development with Java and LibGdx to give Unity another try. The reasoning behind it being that coding just takes way too much time away from the whole game design process. To prove the point I started out looking at some of Brackeys YouTube tutorials. Safe to say I was convinced and just to have something to work on I decided to pick up my very first game design (since I already had the assets lying around) about that 2D soccer action/adventure and turn it into a proper re-make. Two weeks later it is now released on! With that out of the way, there is no excuse left to not start fiddling with the next project.