Wäjste Wörx

Perhaps now is a good time to reveal our next project – Waste Works or “Wäjste Wörx” as the original title reads. Mainly its an exploration of several concepts baked into one. Its a casual resource management game with some puzzle and RPG elements added to the mix.

You work at the recycling centre, taking things apart and sorting out components. Sometimes something useful turns up or something more valuable. It’s a click-to-disassemble and avoid dangerous items, while pocketing (long-click) items to your inventory. From the inventory you can inspect items closer. If it looks wearable you can put it on and investigate its effect on your abilities. From there anything can happen. Explore, investigate and shred through the piles of waste.

Rarity is a big thing. For items it ranges from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary to mythic. For valuables it goes from copper, silver, gold, platinum to obsidian. It’s tough to find the really good stuff! And there is always new things to find – its just a matter of persistence. Collect and sell for funds while trying on larger and larger piles of waste.

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